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May 12, 2014 | 11:56 pm

Godsend. Chapter 4, Page 54


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  1. Clearly he wins her heart one decapitation at a time, making this a valuable story for any forlorn fellow/lady seeking the attentions of their love.

    1. Clearly the main value of webcomics is direct applicability of romance plotlines for real life purposes.

      It also isn’t clear if he’s winning her heart, or ever will for that matter.

      Neat facial expressions though.

      1. Whaaaat, naww.

        Her expression at the end is practically “come hither” and besides that, by posing her that question it implies he doesn’t consider her to be insufferable; he’s completely smitten.

        How our bastard prince came about is now totally clear and not at all a mystery still.

        1. Her expression in the last panel is a bitter/resigned “yea, my people *are* obnoxious douchebags for the most part”. At a glance it does look a bit like “come hither”, but I’m fairly sure that’s not what it’s actually meant to denote.

          And nothing in his question indicates that he does not consider her insufferable too. A couple pages back he snapped at her and the consul, telling them to shut up and get back to discussing the terms of the ransom. That’s right after she learned that her brother is dead. Were he truly smitten, I don’t think he’d act quite that way there.

          1. The suggestion that he could win her affection by decapitating people negotiating her freedom from captivity is plainly ridiculous, that it also holds direct applicability for others is laughably wrong; this is a joke.

            No part of her expression in the last panel resembles in any way a “come hither” expression; that was the joke. Even if he did consider her to not be insufferable, that would not equate nor imply affection; that was the other joke.

            I know subtle sarcasm can be hard to pick up on, but when you read a strenuous suggestion of something ridiculous or obviously wrong — something which under no circumstances could anyone ever think to be true — then either treat it as sarcasm, or assume the person to be beyond the point of correcting through good sense and logic.

          2. I will do what I think is appropriate in a given situation.

            My understanding was that you were mocking the plot development you have inferred from the page. I pointed out that you have probably misinterpreted it. I did not think that you actually believe that that kind of plot development would have made sense. I mean, I don’t know you, so for all I know it could have actually made sense to you. But you seemed like a reasonably smart person so far.

            I do think that Melianna’s expression in the last panel could potentially be misinterpreted by someone not paying close attention. Maybe something about the way her lips are drawn could make it less ambiguous. Sometimes facial expressions are subtle like that. I figured that it could in fact be the source of confusion, and thought that it would be appropriate to try and clear it up.

            It’s not just about you, either. When someone says something in the comments, there’s a good chance there’s a few dozen people out there thinking something similar. There’s billions of people out there who believe in patently idiotic things on a daily basis. On the other hand, people have been known to rethink their opinions when presented with a reasonable alternative. It’s rare, but it’s a chance occasionally worth taking.

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