Nov 30, 2016 | 3:15 pm

by meg

When I get the buffer rebuilt, we’ll start updating again. This hiatus is not permanent.

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May 16, 2012 | 12:01 am

Godsend. Chapter 3, Page 39


obviously, simon doesn’t read the comments.

that’s the last page of chapter 3! next will be the chapter splash, and the week after, the start of chapter 4.

Discussion (7)

    1. there was one big glaring (glaring if you’ve read enough fantasy books to be familiar with the cross-dressing heroine trope) hint in chapter one. i’m glad you caught it! i was starting to feel pretty guilty with the BL themed fanart.

      1. I can’t recall what that hint was but when I first thought of it I went back and reread and looked for any pronouns in the comic and even in your DA gallery but didn’t find anything which made me go “HMMM” and I’m glad my suspicion was correct! Mwahaha.

        Never really commented before, but know that I love this comic and all the work you put into it! 😀 I will totally buy a print version.

  1. Bwahaha, I don’t know what’s funnier, Simon’s face or Jaime’s face. XD
    It makes totally sense with the scene where Jaime refuses to undress before the others at the beginning. Plus IDK, something about Jaime’s elegance… Even if I’m a sucker for BL stories, I was thinking that the story suspiciously lacked girls and I think you 2 did a great work to “juxtapose” Jaime’s secrets. ^^
    Thank you for another amazing chapter with drop dead gorgeous pages. And now the annoying question: print? soon? *Bambi’s eyes*

    1. of course there will be books soon! in total, we’ve accrued 147 pages of comic now. that’s a respectable size for a book. i’m just working out the best ways to pull it off now. when i’ve got things figured out, you guys will definitely know.

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