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Oct 18, 2011 | 12:00 am

Godsend. Chapter 3, Page 12


Discussion (3)

  1. never talk to an enemy when you should be killing him. also it’s not so much that he’s slow, it’s that the bastard is fast, and dumbass knight took a more execution style stance, which is more difficult to defend. swords weren’t kept razor sharp. hollywood likes fencing because it’s got a lot of flair, but ordinary swords were rather like very expensive glorified clubs. you could grip the blade without cutting yourself, and many defensive maneuvers involved doing so. add armor into the equation and most sword fights were really just a pair of men trying to beat each other to death.

    at least, that’s what my copy of “medieval combat” tells me.

  2. Well, swords could still be used as armor *piercing* weapons, which was their main selling point over clubs. But other than that, yea, as far as cutting goes they were pretty much worthless (Japanese swords are a whole another animal of course).

    Still, having some trouble “filling in” the move between the first and last panels. Realistically, i’d expect The Bastard to roll away and kick The Knight in the nuts. But that wouldn’t look as epic, i suppose 😛

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