Nov 30, 2016 | 3:15 pm

by meg

When I get the buffer rebuilt, we’ll start updating again. This hiatus is not permanent.

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May 30, 2011 | 12:00 am

Godsend. Chapter 2, Page 36


Discussion (4)

  1. savor it. simon will never be happy again.

    and no they’re not ._. i mean the site is normal looking, but it’s all just flat boring white. but i haven’t time to muck with it.

  2. Aww… it’s that much pain to draw him happy, huh?

    The previous version looked better, yes, but at least the formatting isn’t falling apart anymore. Now you can just add back the background tiling and the header image, and call the rest of the differences a stylistic re-imagining or something. Or at least that’s what professional designers usually to do in these situations, I think…

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