Nov 30, 2016 | 3:15 pm

by meg

When I get the buffer rebuilt, we’ll start updating again. This hiatus is not permanent.

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May 16, 2011 | 12:00 am

Godsend. Chapter 2, Page 34


EDIT: OH LAWD. i decided to let my website update itself. WELP. bear with me while i fix the suddenly epically dull layout.

lord. this post is proving a little difficult to write, because there’s a little much in the backstory. so, back in the day, i had this other webcomic. then one day, life exploded (the tl;dr version: i lost my job, then my apartment, and needed to haul my ass to handle the only work i was being offered, that then ceased to exist after my grandfather killed himself and they decided i couldn’t manage the work anymore), and i had to quit the comic.

i always regretted this, not only because i didn’t get to finish telling the story (more on that later), but because at the time, it was part of this LJ collective called sugarskull.

as it turns out, while i was dealing with my own shit, the other artists and comics were falling down too. and SugarSkull more or less went kaput. Well, its founder, Ms. Hunt, has decided to revive it, in both tumblr and original livejournal flavor. we’re still sorting things out, so those things may be a little bit in the updating, but, in the meantime, please poke around those sidebar links.

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